Trade in Commodity Futures
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Trade in Commodity Futures
Why trade in Commodities?

  • Big market - diverse opportunities

    Because the listed commodities include Bullion, Metals, Energy and Agri products, trading in commodities provides a lucrative market opportunity for investors, arbitragers, hedgers, traders, manufacturers, exporters and importers.

  • Huge potential !

    Commodity Exchanges witness a sizeable daily turnover, unlocking a huge potential for the participants to earn profits.

  • Exploitable fundamentals

    Commodity trading operates on the simple principle that “Price is a function of Demand and Supply”. This makes things really easy to understand and exploit.

    • Portfolio diversifier

      Commodity Futures derive their prices from the underlying commodity and commodity prices cannot become zero. Commodity has a global presence and hence, it's a good portfolio diversifier.

    • Extended trading hours

      Indian commodity market operates for 14 hours a day covering timings of all major international commodity exchanges, thus giving traders ample time to earn profits.

    • Option of trading in Demat form

      Now, one does not need to hold commodities physically in warehouses. Now-a-days depositories offer to hold your commodities in a Demat form.

Advantage of Commodity Futures Trading

Futures trading eases the hassles and costs of settlements and storage for traders who do not want custody. The most lucrative element of futures trading is that it allows investors to participate and trade at nominal costs.

  • You no longer need to put the whole amount for trading; only the margin is required.

  • Traders can short sell and profit from falling prices.

Religare - Your Trading Partner

Religare Commodities Limited (RCL), an effort of the Religare group was initiated to spearhead Exchange based Commodity Trading. RCL is not only a trade facilitator but also caters to the unique needs of exchange based commodity trading with its -

  • Highly process driven, diligent approach

  • Powerful Research & Analytics

  • One of the “best-in-class” dealing rooms

How will we make trading easier and better?

  • Personal Assistance

  • Dedicated Relationship Managers

  • Dedicated Dealers for facilitating trading and post trade needs

Our Value Adds

  • Access to all your accounts through your unique Customer Relationship Number (CRN)

  • Access your ledger balances and account information over internet and at the branch Help Desk

  • Browser and application based platforms can also be made available for commodity trading

  • SMS services for research advice and to keep you abreast with your investments

  • Regular News and Updates on market

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